Advisers & Associates


(Houston Texas)

Mr. Callaway is the Corporate Attorney for CARLTON TRADE & CAPITAL CORP. and associated companies. 

He has over 30 years of experience in oil, gas and energy matters including over 18 years in the Legal Department of SHELL OIL COMPANY, where he served in key legal roles involving domestic and international onshore and offshore exploration and production, FERC natural gas regulation, acquisitions and divestitures and litigation management. He also represented SHELL before state legislatures and state and federal regulatory agencies including FERC. 

He was also the lead attorney for SHELL OIL COMPANY for international upstream exploration and production activities.

Since his retirement from SHELL his private legal practice has focused on oil, gas and energy issues relating to acquisitions, environmental, contract, financing, audit, state and federal agencies, oil and gas marketing, royalty, title, pipeline transportation, refining, natural gas storage, international public and private companies and litigation management for defendant corporate entities.

Mr. Callaway is licensed to practice law in all Texas and Louisiana courts, the United States District Courts for the Eastern District of Louisiana and the Southern District of Texas, and the United States Courts of Appeals (5th and 10th Circuit). 


Mr. O'Dell brings a diverse and varied background to CARLTON TRADE & CAPITAL CORP. He assists in identifying and executing deals in the energy sector and in financial valuation modeling.

While at PaineWebber, now UBS, Mr. O'Dell served as a Registered Sales Adviser. He was in charge of technical and fundamental analysis of stock trends for a client group worth over $ 200 million.He also acted as a liaison between the company's top producers and his high-net-worth clientele.

 Mr. O'Dell also served as the Technical Support Manager for a software start-up. Due to the intimate nature of the start-up world, he was able to take part in all facets of the software design process, from development, to testing, to marketing in addition to his customer support responsibilities.

Most recently, Mr. O'Dell served as an Investment Adviser Representative at GE FINANCIAL and then New England Financial. His primary focus was to act as a financial consultant to business owners and high-net-worth individuals. His duties included completing economic and business analyses for clients consisting of cash flow breakdown, financial statement evaluation and benchmarking of investment performance.

Mr. O'Dell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin as well as Series 7, 63 and 65 security licenses.


(Austin, Texas)

Judge Ray, is a retired Texas Supreme Court Justice. He is a Pricipal of C.L. Ray & Associates, L.P., Attorneys at Law.


(Philadelphia, PA)

Mr. Benvenides is the Principal of FB INTERCONSULT, INC. 

Formerly a senior trader at Salomon Brothers Phibro.

Former Chief Financial Officer/CFO of McDERMOTT INTERNATIONAL, INC.  a multi-national oil & gas services firm.


Mr. Ly is a graduate of the University of California in Los Angeles/UCLA and is an international entrepreneur with more than 15 years of specialized experience in the crude oil and refined products international market place, directly representing suppliers, re-sellers and buyers. 

Mr. Ly also owns four successful restaurant ventures in Houston.

As Vice President of JL Intercontinental Trading Company, LLC, Mr. Ly is primarily involved in the purchase and sale of crude oil .


(Caracas, Venezuela; Houston, Texas)

Mr. Zambrano is the Principal of Enhestar Ltd. in Venezuela and of Enhestar, Inc. in Houston, Texas.

He is the former principal owner of a major independent bank in Venezuela.


(Dallas, Texas; U.S. Virgin Islands)

Mr. Wyatt is the President of Branded Sources, Inc. and a Vice President of JL Intercontinental Trading Company, LLC.

Mr. Wyatt has a diverse background specializing in International Trade and distribution with an emphasis on strategic asset partnerships and acquisitions of global supply of coal and other commodities.

He was born in Ft. Worth,  and graduated from Texas Christian University. 


(Bogota, Colombia)

Mr. Villaveces Medina is the Principal of ENERGIA ANDINA, LTD, headquartered in Bogota, Colombia.

He was formerly Chairman of DuPont of Colombia and political liaison for CONOCO, Inc and CONOCO Overseas Oil Company for Colombia and Latin America.


(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Mr. Herman   is the President and CEO of TD ENERGY LLC which focuses on crude oil and refined product trading. 

He is a Principal of the Herman Companies including Herman Financial, NYC, NY, which focuses on deal structure and financial support for client companies primarily in the energy sector.


(New York City, NY)

Mr. Herman is a Principal and the CEO of Herman Financial and The Herman Companies, enterprises specializing in investment banking and merchant banking, including deal structure and financial support for client companies, primarily in the energy sector.

He is also, together with CARLTON'S Tom O'Dell, a Principal of Texas Standard Petroleum, LLC, a company focused on the acquisition of refining and storage assets in the U.S. and Europe.


(Mount Ida, AR)

Mr. Stoker is a Vice President of JL InterContinental Trading Company LLC. 

He holds a B.A. in Humanities from Hendrix College and earned an MBA from University of Texas at Arlington.

He brings many years of professional experience as  broker/facilitator for commodities (crude and refined petroleum products, metals, and agricultural products), technology (air craft and aviation parts, refinery and storage, heavy industry) and investments (precious metals, commercial paper, concessions).

Mr. Stoker is the Start-Up Co-Founder of RecycleMarket, a platform to facilitate  auction and market-trading sites for recyclable commodities.

Earlier on Mr. Stoker spent several years in management as department lead of  Pioneer Natural Resources, a large independent exploration and production oil & gas company based in Dallas, Texas.


(Madrid, Spain)

Ms. Escribano is a Partner in Esquiroz Abogados, a major international law firm head-quartered in Madrid, Spain. Her clients include numerous major international banks, financial institutions and energy related companies.


(Los Angeles, California)

Mr. Awad was formerly with Union Oil of Califonia (now part of CHEVRON) as Vice President of Acquisitions and Negotiations. 

Mr. Awad also was a Vice President of Business Development for FLOUR DANIEL & CO., an oil and gas services firm which is the largest public engineering and construction company in the Fortune500 listing.

Currently, Mr. Awad is the Principal and Managing Director of Three G Capital, Inc., an Investment Banking and Energy Consulting Firm based in Los Angeles, California.  


(Dallas, Texas; New York City, NY)

Ms. Cornelia is a close and valuable business associate of the company and its principals.

As a highly dedicated trading intermediary, business broker and facilitator/consultant Ms. Cornelia has proven her professional excellence in a variety of ventures and business transactions combined with her vast  network of social and professional contacts in many areas of domestic and international business and trade.


(Houston, Texas)

Mr. Crutcher is the President and CEO of TRANSGULF Energy Services, Inc. and of CCI, Inc.

He is a well-known and highly regarded professional in the oil and gas industry as well as in the pipeline industry. He has a long history of instrumental involvement in several pipeline projects in the U.S. and international.


(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Mr. Joseph is the Managing Partner of the Melbourne E. Joseph & Associates Law Firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

He is a Member of the Board of Trustees of several major labor union pension funds.

Mr. Joseph provides paymaster services and advise in regard to many commodity transactions including crude oil and refined products as well as agricultural commodities.


(Westchester County, New York)

Mr. Chastven is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Commodities group, LLC in New York which is involved in the purchase and resale as well as brokering of crude oil and refined products, both in the U.S. and overseas.


(Stockholm, Sweden)

Mr. Hellsten is a principal and the CEO of Adham Ltd, a BVI registered company which specializes in the purchase and resale of crude oil and refined petroleum products.

Formerly an owner of PREEM, Sweden largest refinery group in association with Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi of Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia.


(Newark, New Jersey)

Mr. Santye is the owner and CEO of Robert Santye & Associates PC, a major accounting firm based in Newark, New Jersey, which specializes in accounting services for clients in the financial, energy and sports and entertainment sectors.


(Houston, Texas)

Mr. Duru is a principal and owner of Forster C. Duru PC, a CPA firm in Houston, Texas.

He is the President of FORET Global Equipment Inc., a qualified minority owned company which  purchases refined products from several US refineries with which it is a registered commercial account holder and distributor. He re-sells to his client purchasers including the US Department of Defense, State of Texas Department of Transportation, other governmental entities, major re-sellers and end-users in the U.S. and Latin America. He is also a shipper on the Colonial Pipeline, the busiest pipeline in the U.S. 



(Houston, Texas)

Mr. Edmondson is Chairman and CEO of FORET Global Oil Equipment, Inc, a qualified minority owned company which purchases refined products from several US refineries with which it is a registered commercial account holder and distributor. 

He re-sells to his client purchasers including the US Department of Defense, State of Texas Department of Transportation, other governmental entities, major re-sellers and end-users in the U.S. and Latin America.

 He is also a shipper on the Colonial Pipeline, the busiest pipeline in the U.S.