CARLTON ENERGY GROUP is a Texas limited liability corporation which was formed in 1994 and which now has been a viable enterprise for almost 25 years. Its offices arein West Houston in an area known as the 'energy corridor', where many large and well-known energy-related corporations are located.

CARLTON ENERGY GROUP was founded by its Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Tom C. O'Dell, the former President of CONOCO Overseas Oil Company and the former Corporate Vice President of CONOCO Inc. as well as the former Chairman of DUPONT Services, B.V.

CARLTON ENERGY GROUP is actively involved in:

  • Worldwide upstream exploration and production activities.
  • Marketing and trading of physical energy commodities including crude oil and refined petroleum products such as various grades of diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline on a spot or contract basis (through its JV partnerships).
  • Oil and gas consulting.
  • Merchant banking activities.
  • Structuring and implementation of various energy related transactions.