JL INTERCONTINENTAL TRADING COMPANY LLC was formed as a Texas limited liability company and is based in Houston,Texas with additional offices in Monterey, California and Dallas, Texas. JLIT is represented by international industry veteran TOM C. O'DELL, Chairman of the Board and PHILLIPS DEEN ROWE, Managing Director.

JLIT's primary activity is in the purchase and sale or trading of crude oil and refined petroleum products as well as various other commodities. 

The foundation of JLIT's successful business model for the trade of petroleum products is based on the company's proven ability to facilitate access into the potentially lucrative secondary market where usually substantial entrance barriers exist. At times acting as a high-value-added intermediary, JLIT, through its principals, officers and associates, often functions as a bridge between sellers and buyers, providing instant credibility to all parties involved.

JLIT, utilizing the vast network of industry and financial contacts of itsss Principals, Officers and JV Partners, also has the ability, the expertise and the capacity to purchase refined products and resell to end-users or other buyers .

JLIT management team's extensive combined experience in the oil and gas industry combined with its industry-wide network of contacts allows JLIT to use established relationships with sellers and qualified end purchasers, or their mandates, to bring product to market  reliably, on schedule and at reasonable pricing.  Most transactions are designed t be low risk with a simultaneous by/sell between a seller, such as a refinery and an end-buyer, such as a major oil company, a major re-seller, a trade desk, an airline or a maritime shipping concern such as cruise lines etc.


THOMAS C. 'Tom' O'DELL, Chairman (see CV in 'Principal' section of Carlton Trade & Capital Corp.)

PHILLIP DEEN ROWE, Managing Director

Mr. Rowe was born  and raised in Pebble Beach, Carmel by the Sea, California and has recently relocated to Houston, Texas. He continues to actively interact and maintain close business relations with a large network of high net worth friends and associates in the Carmel/Monterey/Northern California area.

Mr. Rowe has an extensive background in international business and trading activities in commodities through his work in Europe in the import/export business, in the retail apparel business as well as an international business management consultant. He also has been an owner/partner in a real estate sales and development firm in Carmel by the Sea, California for many years.

Mr. Rowe holds a degree in Business Administration from Menlo College, Menlo Park, California and a degree in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. He continued on to graduate school at the Monterey Institute of International Studies focusing on international business. He also attended the Army Language Institute in Monterey and completed his tour of duty in the Army National Guard and was honorably discharged.

Mr. Rowe is well versed in the art of negotiation, which, for over 35 years in business has served him well and resulted in the successful completion of numerous major business transactions during that period.